Before my initial consult with you, I had all but given up on ever feeling normal after eating. I'd been to a GI doctor and had every test under the sun but no answers. You quickly identified some possible sources of my discomfort, made me feel like I wasn't crazy and created a personalized meal plan for me so I could finally ditch the bloat. I've never felt so good! My face looks thinner and I can wear jeans without having to unbutton them for the rest of the day.

Britny W.
Barcelona, Spain
P.S. Boston, MA

​I decided to try Brandi's 5-day anti-bloat program on a whim. I purchased all the ingredients and followed the evening prep. By day 4 I was starting to feel more vibrant. Three days after completing the program, I felt incredible beyond words! Every day for the past 8 months I had woken up with a knot in my stomach that stayed with me all day. For nearly the first time in 8 months I woke up feeling so relaxed and was able to take full deep breaths. The stomach discomfort and bloating had disappeared!

To top it off, I cautiously started eating foods I had started avoiding because I was afraid of acid reflux including pizza, nightshades, dark chocolate, etc. and I had no acid reflux! Brandi's program has been absolutely miraculous! The recipes in the 5-day plan were fun to prepare, satiating, tasted good, and made me enjoy food again. But most importantly, I got my health back and I can't thank Brandi enough. Her 5-day anti-bloat plan worked when nothing else did.

I was already a lifelong vegetarian and thought I was a healthy eater, but her knowledge of food combining principles and incorporation of lots of greens and specific nutrition knowledge clearly transformed my health. I am so grateful for Brandi's incredible program. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for giving me my health and life back!"

When I was searching for the right Holistic Nutritionist (there is a lot of them) I was looking for someone who deals with not only the food/nutritional healing, but also someone who values the emotional aspect of healing. You gave me great ways of dealing with stress so I was not overwhelmed. I also loved the fact that you had also experienced similar health issues and overcame them by trail and error and now you are sharing your knowledge. Your meal plans were very simple and easy to follow. You gave me inspiration to take back control of my health and life. I look forward to working with you again!

Nikki O.
Vancouver, BC
Jess R. Vancouver, BC

Brandi, you were an absolute pleasure to work with, which is an important quality when you are dealing with sensitive issues like food and how much you’re pooping! I have noticed a huge difference since working with you. I don’t look bloated for starters. I can actually fit into my pants again and I have noticed a huge difference in my skin and belly- my skin is heaps better.

I think what I will remember most is you telling me it was okay to have a cheat day- even if it meant mac and cheese. It made me realize that I need to treat my body and that’s okay. I can be healthy without over-doing it or driving myself insane with unrealistic expectations. For that piece of advice, I am happier and healthier. I’m also grateful that you taught me not to see food as the enemy.

Brandi is amazing at what she does!!!! She has taught me the importance of good nutrition and what it will take for me to reach my goals physically. She has inspired me to want live and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Before I came across Brandi, I had brain fog, felt famished throughout my work day and lacked the mental focus I needed, I had no idea what was wrong and I was starting to get frustrated with it all. After following her meal plan I can honestly say I feel fantastic, No more brain fog, no more feeling tired daily, and I have boatloads more energy than I did before. She also took me grocery shopping, answered every question I threw at her, and helped me kick all my unhealthy habits including sugar cravings. I highly recommend Brandi to ANYONE who is looking to improve their overall health. Brandi has helped me improve my way of living dramatically. Thanks so much for everything.

Jenelle C.
Vancouver, BC
Danielle S. Vancouver, BC

Hey Brandi,  I wanted to let you know you have been a serious influence with how I live my life in relation to my nutrition.. Since working with you my lifestyle has changed. You really opened my eyes and paved the path to proper nutrition for me. I strive everyday to keep myself eating right and taking the types of measures that most people who we encounter wouldn't really consider nessessary or think is extreme because they don't have enough knowledge...but i really look up to you as a nutrition role model because truthfully. .. it's difficult to try to explain to others why I eat the way I do. People constantly think I'm on diet when really I'm just trying not to put chemicals and unnessisary processed foods in my body. I appreciate the path you turned me on to. I still plan to study nutrition and it's mostly because of your influence. Thank you.

"Hey Brandi! I wanted to let you know that I've lost 25lbs after using the meal plan you made for me, in addition to other healthy recipes I found. Thank you!"

Klara S. Vancouver, BC 
Nicole C. Vancouver, BC

Brandi's meal plan was, by far, the most successful and easiest to follow plan that I've ever tried. The recipes were easy to prepare and delicious (plus I didn't have to shell out a small fortune to cover my grocery bill!). I felt satiated and energized for the entire time that I was on it. With no success from other "diet" and exercise approaches, I lost 4 lbs in just one week (on a petite 5 foot 2 frame). I also lost that infamous "belly bloat" and brain fog that I typically suffer from. I still incorporate several of Brandi's meal plan tips into my everyday eating schedule, and continue to feel great. I would recommend her meal plan to anyone who is looking to eat clean, lose weight, detoxify, or just generally feel vibrant.


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